MPS assures shipping lines of efficient service delivery with arrival of new cranes

Meridian Port Services, MPS has held its quarterly stakeholder engagements with shipping lines with an assurance to offer them efficient services.

The quarterly engagement was also used to interact with the shipping lines on progress being made by MPS towards making the Port of Tema the leading container hub in West Africa.

The CEO of MPS, Mohammed Samara prevailed on the shipping lines to use the Port of Tema as their hub for efficient port services.

The representatives of the shipping lines visited the MPS terminal 3 to observe operations at the terminal.

They also used the opportunity to witness the arrival of the 3 STS cranes and 12 RTG cranes procured by MPS at a cost of over US$50 million to boost productivity at its terminal.

Mohammed Samara said the Port of Tema has become very competitive as it has more handling capacity.

The Chief Executive of MPS explained that ports are key elements for the developmental objectives of developing countries so it is necessary that Ghana to invest in such projects that improve the capacity of its ports.

“You cannot just wait for the volumes to happen then after that you react by creating the infrastructure as well as the handling capacity. So somebody has got to freeze the situation and not wait for the chicken to lay an egg or for the egg to become a chicken. You know, we have to pick whatever and then we have to invest and that is exactly what we are doing.”

The Managing Director of Maersk Ghana, Rasak Ngula said the investment in the cranes will go a long way to serve them well.

“Let me congratulate MPS for this very bold investment, it is one that is super exciting to see. Also, for the community I think it is going to make a lot of difference. Firstly, making the Ghana port more competitive across the sub-region and I think also becoming one of the locations that everyone can look at to.

So for us shipping lines, this just adds to the efficiency that we have all been asking for and I think once you bring efficiency on board you also add value to doing business and then, of course it translates into what everyone else in the environment and community benefits.”


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