Most Nigerians are confused on who to elect due to hunger; Pastor Giwa

The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has stated that Nigerians are confused about who to cast their votes for in 2023 as president due to hunger caused by politicians.

According to Giwa, starvation had been weaponised among Nigerians by politicians in order to have opportunities to influence the mindset of citizens in their favour.

The pastor who stated this over the weekend emphasised that the situation, which is begging for urgent measure, could be seen with what he described as heavy monetary inducements during elections.

He maintained that with the 2023 polls fast approaching, Nigerians should exercise the courage of demanding from the presidential candidates obvious questions begging for answers as regards the future and development of the country.

He said “Hunger has been weaponised to weaken the mindset of most Nigerians by politicians ahead of the election so that citizens will be confused in casting vote for the best person.

“Most of the candidates rely on money that will be shared to the electorate on the day of the election.

“Nigerians should learn lessons from what has happened, especially from the APC government, and do everything to prevent reoccurrence. There is no way we can tell politicians what we want them to do, there is no way we can question or ask them what we want them to do, not what they want to offer.

“It should be on what we want them to do. There are three options before Nigerians as they prepare for the 2023 election. Are they going to continue with the party that has brought economic hardship, killings, and set back to the country? Are they going to vote for the party that has been tested or are they going to vote for a new party that they think will bring change to the nation’s political and economic systems?

“If Nigerians want to vote for a new party, they should be bold enough to demand what they want, not giving the impression that a certain politician is a saint because nobody is a saint when it comes to politics and political situations in our country.

“To change the 1999 constitution with a view to decentralising powers to authorities should be the utmost priority.”

He added that “Should we talk about how the APC deceived Nigerians on restructuring? Should we also talk on the promises they never fulfilled on the economy and security? How do Nigerians forget so soon about how they promised to make the naira equal in value to the dollar. Only insane Nigerians will vote APC in 2023.



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