Meet the Nigerian Scientist making waves at 2023 Women’s World Cup

Being a footballer entails a significant deal of responsibility and a high level of discipline in order to keep your body in shape to perform on the pitch.
In the same vein, sitting in the lab pouring over papers, testing out trials with hopes of getting useful results is tough.

Therefore combining both is a tall order.
But such is the life of Nigeria Super Falcons player, Michelle Alozie, who is currently enjoying her career as a Microbiologist and a footballer.
Alozie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology from Yale University and she serves as a Microbiologist at Texas Children’s Hospital.

She is also a footballer who plays for Huston Dash in the National Women’s Soccer League in the USA and the Nigerian national team.
All along, Alozie’s unending love for football and her passion for being in the lab has been her drive.
“I have been playing soccer since I was four or something like that and, being Nigerian, soccer, or football, is really just in our blood,” she said, smiling.

“But I just have this fascination with medicine and I know it’s a career path that I would love to be in when I can’t run on the field anymore.”
Undoubtedly, balancing the two in a long time comes with great challenges. However, Alozie is optimistic about seeing through both at the end.


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