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Man dies during Spanish bull-running event

Bull runs like those at Pamplona's San Fermín festival

A 55-year-old man has died after being gored at a bull-running event in the eastern Spanish town of Onda.

The man was repeatedly attacked by the bull at the Fira de Onda festival, suffering a head wound and having an artery punctured in his left thigh. He died at a hospital in the nearby town of Villareal.

Onda council said it had cancelled all bull-running events in the town’s festival.

It was the first fatality of its kind since similar events were resumed in Spain, following a relaxation of Covid restrictions over the summer.

But despite the rule changes, only a handful of bull-running events have gone ahead, as debate ramps up in Spain over whether they should be abolished.

The practice has been a long-standing feature of Spanish culture. During the events, crowds of participants run in front of a group of bulls which are let loose in a section of the town. In some festivals, the bulls are then taken to participate in controversial bull-fighting tournaments. Injuries are common in bull runs.



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