Mahama outlines his vision for Ghana’s creative sector

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)Former President John Dramani Mahama, , unveiled an ambitious plan to rejuvenate Ghana’s creative industry during a media encounter on Sunday, July 7th.

Mr Mahama introduced a comprehensive policy framework named ‘The Black Experience,’ designed to enhance the tourism and creative arts sector.

He expressed optimism about the initiative, emphasising its potential to significantly bolster these industries.

“I bring good news for the creative industry,” Mahama announced. “Our primary focus will be on ‘The Black Experience,’ a policy aimed at revitalising the tourism and creative arts sectors.”

The Black Experience policy encompasses several major initiatives, including:

  1. Pan African Month: A month dedicated to celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa, fostering unity and collaboration among African nations.
  2. Ghana Film Festival and Awards Month: An event to showcase and honour the achievements of Ghanaian filmmakers and the broader film industry.
  3. Ghanaian Heritage and History Month: A period to reflect on and celebrate Ghana’s storied past and cultural legacy.
  4. Fashion and Food Month: An initiative to highlight and promote Ghanaian fashion and cuisine, showcasing the country’s creative talents.
  5. Diasporan Month: A time to recognise and engage with the Ghanaian diaspora, encouraging their participation in national development and cultural exchange.

Mahama also committed to revitalising all regional Centres of National Culture, ensuring they become accessible hubs for the creative industry.

Furthermore, he stressed the significance of supporting veteran artistes, guaranteeing they receive the acknowledgment and support they merit.

“Our commitment is to create a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable creative industry that honours our heritage and propels our cultural narrative on the global stage,” Mr Mahama concluded.


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