Macron’s majority at risk as France votes in parliamentary election

France has begun voting in the final round of parliamentary elections as Emmanuel Macron’s centrists attempt to hold on to their majority against a challenge from a new left alliance.

Sunday’s vote will set the balance of power for Macron’s second term, defining his capacity to deliver domestic policy such as raising the retirement age and overhauling state benefits.

Macron, who was re-elected president in April against the far right’s Marine Le Pen, needs a majority for his centrist grouping in the lower house of parliament in order to have a free hand for his proposals to cut taxes and make changes to the welfare system.

Pollsters have been unable to predict whether Macron will cling on to a majority in what is likely to be a record low turnout.

All polling firms predict that Macron’s centrist alliance, Ensemble, will be the biggest grouping in parliament, but it could fall short of the 289 seats needed for a majority.



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