Lyon manager left bleeding after team bus is ‘hit by rocks’

Lyon’s team bus was subjected to an attack before their Ligue 1 clash with Marseille on Sunday night, resulting in injuries to their manager, Fabio Grosso.

The two football clubs are well-known rivals in French football, and Lyon’s team bus came under a barrage of stones and bricks as it headed to the Velodrome stadium in Marseille. The police escort did little to prevent the bus from being attacked, with stones report as well as fireworks.


Grosso, a former World Cup winner from Italy, suffered significant injuries and was bleeding profusely due to shards of glass striking his face. Lyon’s team bus eventually made it to the ground but was severely damaged due to the attacks.


Upon reaching the stadium, Grosso received immediate medical attention from on-site experts to control the bleeding. The incident led to discussions about whether the match should proceed, although no decision had been made at that point.

Grosso was heavily bandaged by medical personnel at the stadium, as the rocks thrown at the bus had shattered the glass, causing injury to his face. The game was called off as a result of the attack.



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