Loss of trust in leadership is a threat to national security; Catholic priest 

Rev Father Peter Adu, the assistant parish priest at the Corpus Christi Catholic Church at New Tafo, a suburb of Kumasi, has expressed worry over, what he describes as loss of trust in leadership by the people in the society.

This development, according to him, could be a threat to national or international security and must be of concern to everybody in the country.

According to Rev. Father Adu, absolute trust and humbleness devoid of arrogance and pride on the part of those in leadership positions, is the only way they could gain the trust of the people they lead and entreated leaders at all levels of society not to be carried away by their positions.

He urged them to be humble because humbleness is the mother of trust, stressing that where there is humbleness, there is love.

Speaking to the congregation on the theme: “Ultimate Giving”, Fr. Adu reminded leaders in society to demonstrate the attitude of humbleness, which he says goes with love to the people under their jurisdiction, irrespective of where one finds him or herself to be a leader.

He was of the view that leadership is failing the society, resulting in loss of trust in them, hence the waywardness of children who cannot be controlled by parents.

The Catholic priest emphasised that it is the responsibility of everyone to contribute his/her quota to bring comfort to someone, because God has given everybody something to be given out to the needy.

The Rev. Father urged leadership to always assess their conscience and do the right thing for the people devoid of arrogance to help them regain the absolute trust of the people.

He underscored that in a society where the youth have absolute trust in leadership, the society is conducive and without crime and other social vices.

Rev. Fr. Adu, therefore, urged leaders and parents to do what it takes to gain the trust of the people, while the church plays its role and together build the society.


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