Losing my breast to cancer has not affected my marriage -Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson, a UK-based Ghanaian musician and actress has disclosed that losing her breast to cancer has not affected her marriage in any way.

She noted that her husband still loves her and has not shown any signs of despising her even though she has lost her entire breast to cancer.

The popular actress indicated that her entire breast tissues were removed and replenished with a shell comprising of the body part that gives her the same shape as a woman.

” I still don’t have my breast but my husband loves me exactly as I am. They took all the breast tissues out so I rebuilt it but I feel nothing, it’s just a shell. I have no nipples.

“Everything that was constructed was from my own body to give me a little bit of projection, so this breast is just for show,” Stephanie Benson said while speaking in an interview with Asempa FM on the subject of breast cancer.

She further added “I want men to understand that a woman’s life does not come to an end just because she does not have breasts anymore. I always want to project to people that my breast is not really who I am but the vibrant person that you see.

“So, you can choose to take it or not. And I am not showing you my body because I have voluminous breasts or ass but everything, I have is what I have worked for.”

Stephanie Benson and her husband, John Benson, have been married for over three decades.


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