LIXIL EMENA joins support for Africa’s circular economy

Gerhard Sturm, Leader of Commercial Development at LIXIL EMENA, pledges the company’s willingness to contribute greatly to Africa’s circular economy.

He says LIXIL EMENA, manufacturer of water and housing products, is complying with standards that governments all over the world have set to save water and solve other environmental challenges they are facing.

Mr. Sturm said the company is poised to support governments to find the right regulations in the future to save the environment, particularly water.

Speaking in an interview held via Zoom recently, he said the company had been keen on the topic saving water, due to the imminent threat of water shortages around the world from climate change.

He said with water scarcity now a global problem, the company had been proactive and has developed an eco-friendly technology to aid water saving, recycling, and improve water quality.

In the micro level, Mr. Sturm was much concerned about individual habits at home using water, saying showering save more water that bathtub.

Nevertheless, he said there is more water saving to be considered with showering, including reducing showering time and the using of low water flowing showers.

While the company is looking forward into the future to develop toilets that do not require water, he recommended toilets that use less water.

Mr. Sturm also urged water saving responsibility to be exercised in the kitchen.


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