Letter to Senior Opupulepu (229)

Yesu Came Because Of Us, So If You Jealousy, You Go Shame!

Dear Senior Opupulepu,

How are you do? As for me and my mine, we are all do fine.

Senior, are you awares that the last three letters I wrote to you, have been leaked out? I am told that a certain babone called New-Gin who loves to drink beer in the tot glasses used to measure ogyateshie aka akpeteshie at blue kiosks. I mean that drinkable sanitizer that makes men see their wives, two-two, three-three.

Senior, this New-Gin, instead of using that tall beer glass to pour beer, because of his stingy natural genetic make-up, he always uses tot-tot glasses to drink beer so that it does not finish in the bottle fast.

Senior, I was sitting my somewhere, minding myself when Tuesday approached me and said the other days have come to tell him that they have heard that they are bad-bad as in sinners, and they rejoiced because Yesu Christus Emmanuel said He came because of sinners and so since they are sinners, they will continue to sin so that Yesu Christus Emmanuel will always come to ewiase.

Senior, Tuesday said, Sunday was bold to tell him that it was because of him that dumsor came to ewiase and given the chance again, he would bring dum, yes, dumso that Yahweh will look and say, Let, there be Darkness…then whenever we see something we near it.

Senior, Monday was also bold to say that if he did not scale walls to wrongfully amass people’s mangoes, and atiia, as in casu, sorry cashew, like this ewiase will not be full of professional and amateur violators of the commandment thou shall not steel! And also, they are called Juu, the Kpakpo Shito language for to steel.

In multiplication, their clansman is Juudas who did ewiase a big favour by making sure that Yesu Christus Emmanuel was killed, so that His resurrection brought salvation army to humankind. Car dem, bowl something!

Senior, Tuesday continued and said that Wednesday also came and turned, turned himself thinking he was doing cat walk not knowing, he was doing goat-walk with his ugly legs and difficult buttocks.

He said if fireflies give light why should they not be employed to brighten the sky? He insisted that Yahweh lost sight of the fact that renewal resources help to protect the environment and fireflies would have been the best choice for putting up Christmas tree lights in the sky. He still stood his grounds that he did the right thing.

This too-known and assuming to know it all, made Wednesday bring not only fireflies but also house flies, town flies, village flies and all insects that fly and attack humankind like jet bombers attacking enemies. Wednesday, still never conceded he did the wrong thing. “Are all flies not brethren and sisthren? So, united as they are, they are man united, sorry fly united.”

Senior, then came Thursday. As for him, he did not see what wrong he has done. He was asked to bring Keta School Boys who were attending classes at Keta Presbyand he did just that, but as he was coming, he encounter Chorkor rascals, who were thiefing people’s coconuts and fish at the shore and thought they needed salvation and so he brought them.

Also, when he was asked to bring birds, Yahweh should have stated specifically what type of birds He wanted. To Thursday if birds fly then anything that flies is a bird. So, gblagbladza as in cockroach is also a bird.

Senior, then came Friday. He said straight that nobody should blame him for bringing the wrong living things. When Yahweh sent him, there were no hospitals and labour wards yet because the nurses and doctors were now attending nursing and medical skuuls and so he had to go to the traditional birth attendants first.

It was there that he was told that a hospital and labour ward was somewhere far. When he got there, he collected the living things he could catch and he should not be blame if he caught the bad ones because all the good ones were indoors learning how to pray.

Senior, Friday warned that no one should ever blame Adama and Eva for anything because they were his day borns. The only way to advance is to go into the unknown and since Yahweh asked them to stay clear of that tree they were mandated to find out why.

Senior, as for Saturday, he said the way Yahweh was sending people by-heart to bring things that confuse them, he decided to beg Yahweh not to continue working, because, as for him no matter what Yahweh asks of him to bring, he would not know.

Senior, so all the Day Borns, except Tuesday, were in celebration for violating the laws and wishes of Yahweh. They are proud to be sinners because without sinners Yesu Christus Emmanuel would not have come to ewiase and Wofa Sasabomsam would have been our DCE for life. They hooted at Tuesday saying, “If it were to be you alone, Yesu Christus Emmanuel will never visit ewiase. It is because of we that He always comes down. If you jealous us, you go shame.”

Senior, I am Dan, sorry I am done.

It’s me.


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