Letter to Senior Opupulepu (227)

The Construction of Ewiase and Its Implication on Day-Borns (1)

Dear Senior Opupulepu,

How are you do? I hope you are do fine, just as I and all my mines are all do fine.

Senior, I am still in the Eastern Light mood, celebrating the victory of Yahweh’s Only Pickin, Yesu Christus Emmanuel over Wofa Sasabomsam and his entire military armed forces.

Senior, like I stated in the previous letter, the readings that sweet me pass, on the eve of Eastern Light was the story on how ewiase was constructed. It was later revealed unto me, the impart each day has for those born into it.

Senior, it went like this. One fine something, it cannot be a day because days were not born then, Yahweh, opened the Eastern Window of His bedroom and beheld a vast area not yet developed. He decided to develop that area and bring life and civilization there. He would do so in seven sections.

Senior on the following something, Yahweh seeing how dark that area was, said, “Let there be Light.” That First Something went to look for Light but could only bring osono. Yahweh rejected it, since with the slight breeze it became dum and unless you sor, there will be no light. That was how dumsor came about. After searching and searching, the Something to be called Sunday, managed to get hold of a burning touch he plucked from the burning bush, which was Sunlight, not the soap. Yahweh accepted that, and because the touch was brought closer to the time when darkness was fast coming, Yahweh called the Light, Day and the Darkness, Dumsor. Yahweh, blessed Sunday for his efforts.

Senior, evening came, morning followed, the First Day. In fact, all the dumsor, dumsor that we have been experiencing is due to Sunday. Go and bring Light, he brought osono which was dumsor. And bring the proper light in time, he spent that long time and Yahweh had to officially baptise darkness as dumsor.

Senior, then Yahweh said, “Let there be Sky.”Here too, the Second Day or Monday went looking for tall, tall buildings like Job 600’s senior brothers which are called skyscrapers. He spent so much time and came with a few, which were all rejected. He later came with the Sky proper after climbing up Mount Everest and plucking it down. This was accepted, and Yahweh blessed Monday for his efforts.Evening came morning followed, the Second Day.

Senior, because Monday was very capable of climbing tall, tall things, Monday Borns are good at climbing people’s coconut trees, mango trees, cashew trees and pear trees and plucking the fruits without permission. So, if you find out that your fruits are not on the tree and not also on the ground then go to a Monday Born near you. Whatever fruits they will have in their possession are all yours, just take them away without any comments. I am not in any way attempting to suggest that Monday Borns thief fruits, no, they don’t. Their expertise is just in climbing people’s walls and cleverly navigating into their garden,and plucking fruits without asking permission or being noticed. This is different from what you are thinking in your thoughts.

Senior, on Day Three, Yahweh said “Let There Be Dry Land and Wet Sea, and the very intelligent Third Day or Tuesday, produced Dry Land and Wet Sea immediately and Yahweh blessed Him. But it was still morning, so Yahweh said again to Tuesday, “Let there be Cassava, Cocoyam, Plantain, Kola Nut, Mango, Orange and Cashew tress and all plants, that will make the earth green, green,” and before Yahweh could finish talking, Tuesday produced them. Yahweh was very impressed and blessed Tuesday again. Evening came, morning followed the Third Day.

Senior, the most productive people of all ewiase are Tuesday borns. Tuesday Borns are not proud, arrogant, too known or loud. They are very gentle, humble and usually quiet but in all this ewiase cannot function without them. In fact, Yahweh saw in Tuesday the salvation of mankind, and He handpicked a very beautiful young maiden born on Tuesday, called Eno Abena Maria to be the mother of His only Pikin, Yesu Christus Emmanuel who was also born on a Tuesday. The old man who protected both Mother and Child, was also born on a Tuesday born, called Agya Kwabena Josef.

Senior, Yahweh was full of hope and thought that His construction work was going to be simple and easy going and so He said, “Let there be touch lights in the Sky,” and a too known Wednesday, without finding out what exactly Yahweh wanted went to bring fireflies. Yahweh said, “Hmmm, not again. This is not what I want.” It took almost the whole day before Wednesday arrived with small, small touch lights to make Christmas trees lights in the night. Yahweh, anyhow blessed Wednesday, too.

Senior, if you want to talk about Wednesday Borns, people will think you hate them. But that is not the case. They are people who complain always and think what they think is the right thinking. Too known, too four o’clock tea always doing before thinking. That is Wednesday Born.

Senior, a certain Akua in my house, wants some help. I will be back. So, I am Kwabena, no I am Dan, sorry I am done.

It’s me!


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