Letter to Senior Opupulepu (205) When Multiplication of Abolo Failed to Manifest!


Dear Senior Opupulepu,

How are you do? As for me and my shordies, we are all do fine.

Senior, you remember, that Sunday school classes you attended? And you remember the sweet stories you were telled, sorry I mean to say tolded or is it told?

Senior, I am sure you remember the story about how Yesu Christus Emmanuel took like two abolo and five Keta Schoolboys, no they were rather, Chorkor Rascals, and just look in the sky to find out whether it was going to rain.

When it showed that no rain was going to rain, He smiled at His Father, Yahweh and hi and behold, all the abolos being baked in the whole village of Judah, reported to duty in front of Yesu Christus Emmanuel.

Same about all the Chorkor rascals. Even those who were playing chass-kele stopped and run to the Begotten Son of Yahweh.

Senior, those Chorkor rascals chasing baela as in field mice, abandoned field and rushed to mark register in front of Yesu Christus Emmanuel.

Senior, when the full battalion of abolos and Chorkor rascals assembled for deployment in front of Yesu Christus Emmanuel, He then paired one abolo and one Chorkor rascal, like that as if He was perming lotto numbers and assigned them to each and every homo sapiens present there. These included babies suckling their mothers’ breasts and even those yet to be born who were enjoying time in their mothers’ womb. Of course, the men also had their share.

Senior, as you must be aware too, this same Yesu Christus Emmanuel, look pure water in the face and said to it. “Chaaiii, your face no fine and ino strong!” Then looking at His Father’s face in Heaven, He blinked an eye and smiled, looked at the pure water’s face again, and it became handsome and strong. In short, it changed its name from Water to Brukutu.

Senior, ever since Yesu Christus Emmanuel did these wonders and even though He entrusted powers to His aplankes assuring them that once He gets back to His Father, according to Johannes’ Love Letter paragraph 14, line 12, they will be able to do greater than or equal to whatever He did, none of them did I ever hear, was able to assemble together, all the abolos and Chorkor rascals in the any vicinity not to talk about the entire village.

Neither has any of them been able to this very day and age, take Water’s Ghana Card and change his name.

Senior, while I was wondering when someone who fits the description of the one who will do things greater than or equal to what Yesu Christus Emmanuel did, a certain Sasa Abosam high priestess, called Adadaa, no relations to lie-lie, who Yesu Christus Emmanuel, out of very much disappointment in His present day and age aplankes, decided to remove all the demons in her and throw them into a galamsey pit.

Senior, to show appreciation this Adadaa woman, decided that she must be a priestess forever in the line of Melchizedek, so she converted by going to Kowus Bumper, where she was received into the Lord. She quickly attended Sunday School and started chopping first in Bible Studies.

Senior, in less that no time she was robbed and anointed Bishopwaa, as in female bishop and founded her own chapel called Heaven Way Mosquito Chapel International, even though it has no branch chapel anywhere in this, ewiase.

Senior, with her new responsibilities, duties and assignment, Adadaa, changed her name and christened herself, Osofo Mama Tricia. Then instead of waiting small for the Spiritus Sanctus to settle down in her, Osofo Tricia, decided to do what her elders before her could not do.

Senior, she decided to wear soldier uniform and stand at a park and shout a command out for all abolos and Chorkor rascals, around to come and stand attention in front of her, and they did. The abolos came from all the abolo bakers   and sellers in and around her chapel and the Chorkor rascals came from all the fishermen and fishmongers, in and around her chapel.

Senior, the problem is she did not exactly know how Yesu Christus Emmanuel did his wonders. She just fasted for forty days and forty nights in the hope that the abolos and the Chorkor rascals will increase and multiply and subdue the chapel.

Senior, when nothing happened, she remembered that she should have prayed alongside the fasting. And, since she had already fasted, she decided to pray for forty days and forty nights.

Senior, another problem exhibited its head. She was so hungry that during the forty days and forty nights of prayers she started eating the abolos and the Chorkor rascals. Lo and behold, when it got to Day Twenty- Seven, she had finished everything.

Senior, now the owners of the abolos and Chorkor rascals decided that as for this they will throw aside their I Believe in Yahweh, Oil-Mighty, and deal with Osofo Mama Tricia, the way they know best, via Aluta.Chapels are known for miracles, so why not theirs?

Senior, and after, they dragged her to a certain old man sitting on a bench doing nothing and told him, they would want to disturb him small.

Senior, as for me I am Dan, sorry I am done.

It’s Me!


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