Letter to Senior Opupulepu (193) Is it a Matter of Greed or Just Protecting Family Values?

Dear Senior Opupulepu,

How are you do? I hope you are do fine, just as I and my shordies are do, fine, fine.

Senior, because of your age and closeness to them, you should remember that day when Adam, I mean Grandpa Adam, knew Grandma Eve, and they beget a certain guy man called Wofa Cane, as in sugar cane. They later travelled apart for ages and forgot how each other looked like. When their paths crossed again, each remembered who the other was, and they again knew each other and beget Wofa Able as in Able-Body.

Senior, toil making rounds, is that Grandma Eve after being known by Grandpa Adam for like sixteen more different times, beget some fine, fine ladies and very strong, strong boys, one who was always on his marks to take off and run, was call Get-Set.

Senior, I was informed by an angel paddy of mine that our uncles also decided to know women some. But unfortunately, there were no other women in ewiase at that time for them to know, except their mother and sisters. So, each brother would pick one sister and know her. It is through this knowings in the family that humankind started increasing and multiplying and ewiase was subdued.

Senior, if Yahweh, Himself, supervised and approved of brothers and sisters knowing themselves, then why should we in today’s Ogyakrom, swear that any brother who knows his sister is dragged before an old folk who just sits on a bench doing practically nothing, to be accused of violating Yahweh’s command and be punished? What command have they violated anyway? Mind you, that act came first and Yahweh said and did nothing, so any law that is inconsistent with this, violates the tenets of the Constitution. I, too, know my rights.

Senior, I hear that there is a certain man who has chopped the age Yesu Christus Emmanuel chopped before saying “bye, bye” to eswiase, who instead of saying bye-bye to ewiase some, he decided to be knowing his fifteen-year-old sister, who he was knowing since the poor girl stop wearing pampas.

Senior, this guy man has the name of King David’s fetish priest cum spiritual director and goes by a second name, which means He/She Loves Mein the language the clan of the Medekuku people speak. To even confuse us the more he writes his father’s name as Has Happened Again. Which is in the language of those who while devout persons are praying without ceasing, they are bragging without ceasing.

Senior, perming all the names, all this guy man wanted to tell we mortals is that the spirits of the gods of the fetish priest in him, have directed that he loves his sister and his sister loves him and this love must happen over and over again.

Senior, so this guy man kept knowing his beautiful sister every since she stopped urinating on herself and had vowed that her beauty was not for any outsider. He decreed that he must preserve this valuable asset in the family for life.

Senior, so as it is, he decided to make his sister start born, borning so that their family can increase and multiply and subdue the hamlet they reside in.

Senior, what does this family matter have to do with society? Some dirty old man who has only a few days left in ewiase, decided he to must know this sweet beautiful young lady before he turns into a ghost. In fact, he has to do something before he dies.

Senior, this old man who had changed the virginity status of over one thousand innocent virgins, found out that even if he succeeded in going into this very young lady, he would not be the first. Someone had chopped him first.

Senior, what angered him the most, was when he realised that it was not any of the area boys, he had intended to discipline but rather this young beautiful lady’s brother. And to add salt and pepper to injury she had born a very basketball like baby boy. We do not know whether he is to be called Cane, Able or Get-Set.

Senior, in rage, this old man went straight and knocked on the door of a certain old lady who was minding her own business, sitting her somewhere on a bench doing nothing.

Senior, this old lady who goes by the name Lead O. Marfo, who is in now relationship with our crowned abusuapanin, O. Marfo, the talkative, decided that since there is something called Planting for Food and Employment now in Ogyakrom, the young beautiful lady’s brother, must wake up every morning and go and weed people’s farms until the desire to go, knowing women dries out from his system inside. And this he cannot fake it because the witchdoctor will do test on his system inside.

Senior, my problem here is, why do people want to believe they know better than Yahweh? Yahweh was around when Grandpa Adam and Grandma Eve’s sons and daughters kept know-knowing each other without caring or booking what the rest of creation would say, and Yahweh just looked on saying nothing but approving this quietly. Now you nowadays humans say what?

Senior, if I decide to talk just now, people will say I have committed content of court and I will be put in a court container, so please I am Dan, sorry I am Done.

It’s Me!


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