Labianca Heads Ahanta Traditional Council

The National House of Chiefs (NHC) has accepted the decision of the Ahanta Traditional Council to endorse Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV as the Acting President of the Council. The NHC has consequently gazetted the appointment of the Divisional Chief of Princes Town, known in business circle as Labianca, to take charge of the Council.

The latest development follows overwhelming support and outright endorsement secured by the Chief as declared by the Traditional Council last week.

Following this decision, the newly appointed Acting President, according to the Council, would henceforth preside over all traditional matters within the Council as prescribed by law.

The endorsement comes in the wake of a temporary vacancy created following the inability of the President of the Council to perform his statutory duties, and as the law requires that a member ought to be appointed to act until the President is able to resume his duties.

In view of this, the Ahanta Traditional Council met last week Tuesday, January 31, 2023, to discuss all important issues in the Ahanta Traditional Area, including the appointment of an Acting President.

The chiefs decided unanimously to appoint Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV as Acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council at the meeting after thoughtful deliberations and several considerations.

At a press conference organised by the Traditional Council, it made it clear that her appointment was based on merit.

Nana Akyekese, Divisional Chief of Cape Three Points, on behalf of the Council, addressed the press conference last week Tuesday.

“Let it be known that the total membership of the Traditional Council stands at thirty one, of which number there are 10 vacancies, bringing the current membership to twenty one. Out of this figure, 20 members, who constitute majority, have endorsed the business woman.

We wish to unequivocally state that Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV was duly nominated, for which the said nomination was not contested, making her the preferred choice.”

The Acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council is known privately as Jacqueline Eunice Hinneh Buah. She is the Western Regional Council of State Representative and Chief Executive Officer of the Labianca Group.


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