Kwaku Oteng honoured with Georgia State Citizen Award

The President and Founder of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr.Kwaku Oteng has been recognised and honored by the State of Georgia in the United States of America (U.S.A) for his illustrious service in bettering the lives of many.

The State of Georgia acclaimed him as the ‘Oustanding Man of ValorFor Many Achievements And Service To Mankind’ for the year 2022.

Dr.Kwaku Oteng was presented with a Georgia State Citizen Award and an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Trinity International University of Ambassadors.

The Georgia State also proclaimed 2nd September, 2022 as ‘Dr.KwakuOtengDay’is to be marked and celebrated by all inhabitants of the State in honor and recognition of the noteworthy service of the Angel Group of Companies founder.

Chancellor Dr. Jacqueline Mohair of the Trinity International University of Ambassador, who stood in for Secretary of the Georgia State, Brad Raffensperger, in presenting the award to Mr. Samuel Kofi Acheampong (Bronzy), the Chief Executive Officer of Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN), on behalf of Dr.Kwaku Oteng, noted that Dr.Kwaku Oteng’s hard work, dedication and service to humanity is a vision Georgia State shares in, and deem him fit for the honor.

“Having received your recommendation through Dr.Sonnie Badu, we did our due diligence and I must say we were surprised by the findings.

Your illustrious service and dedication through your Angel Group of Companies have created a source of livelihood for over 5,000 people and touched the lives of millions.

This is a vision we as a State share and we accordingly find you worthy of the ‘Oustanding Man of Valor For Many Achievements And Service To Mankind’ award for the year 2022.

The Angel Educational Complex, under your leadership, educates more than 2,000 children and youth from the ages of preschool through Senior High School. In addition, you have provided scholarships for children and youth that allow them to receive a quality education, despite the economic situation of their families in your home country, Ghana.

It is because of your philanthropic and humanitarian work which resonates with Georgia State’s core values and spirit that we have decided to honor you with a Citizen award to spur you on in your continuous quest to make life better and easier for all.

Your work specifically in the areas of health, education, and media has positively touched the lives of millions and so the State of Georgia has declared September 2, 2022 as ‘Dr.Kwaku Oteng Day’, as our appreciation for your selflessness.

The Trinity International University of Ambassador also bestows on you an honorary Doctorate Degree.” Chancellor Dr. Jacqueline Mohair of the Trinity International University of Ambassador stated in her reading of the speech of Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of the Georgia State in the United States of America, as she presented the award to Dr.Kwaku Oteng at the Georgia State Capitol Building on September 3, 2022.

The inscriptions on the ‘Honorary Citizen Award of the State of Georgia’ presented to Dr.Kwaku Oteng reads: “May this Outstanding Citizen be afforded every courtesy as a Goodwill Ambassador from Georgia in his travels to other states, to nations beyond the borders of the United States of America, or wherever he may hereafter travel or reside. Thank you for your service to our state.”

Dr.Kwaku Oteng is the name that comes to mind when one decides to mention the names of successful business moguls in Ghana.

He has established himself and his businesses to be household brands and employs over 5,000 people.


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