Kudos to Bawumia for making it possible for every child to receive unique ID number

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), is scheduled to launch the ‘Ghana card number at birth’ initiative on Thursday, March 14, 2024.  It would be launched at the Ga North Hospital at Ofankor, in the Greater Accra Region, to pave the way for every child born in Ghana to receive a unique identity number.  The Ghana card will, however, be handed over to the child when he or she attains 15 years.

The initiative is christened: “Ghana card number at birth,” which is being championed by the Office of the Vice President.  It formed part of efforts by the Government to ensure that every Ghanaian has a Ghana card to enable them to access basic social services with ease. So far, the National Identification Authority has registered 17.5 million Ghanaians onto its biometric data register.

The launch of the “Ghana card number at birth” initiative by Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia will mark a significant milestone in Ghana. This initiative heralds a new era of identity management and social service accessibility for every Ghanaian. It will provide every child born in Ghana with a unique identity number, thereby ensuring their seamless integration into the national identification system from birth.

While the Ghana Card will be issued to the child upon reaching the age of 15 years, the registration process at birth lays the groundwork for a comprehensive and robust national identity database. Championed by the Office of the Vice President, the initiative represents a proactive step towards enhancing access to basic social services for all citizens.

By streamlining the identification process and eliminating bureaucratic hurdles, the government aims to empower individuals to access essential services with ease, thereby fostering social inclusion and reducing disparities. The significance of this initiative extends beyond mere identification; it embodies the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for national development.

Through the National Identification Authority’s biometric data register, which has already enrolled 17.5 million Ghanaians, the stage is set for a more efficient and transparent governance framework.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Ghana card at birth underscores the government’s recognition of the importance of identity in the digital age. In an era where digital transactions and interactions are increasingly prevalent, having a reliable and secure means of identification is paramount. The Ghana card not only serves as a tool for accessing social services but also enhances security and accountability in various sectors.

However, the success of this initiative hinges on effective implementation and widespread awareness. It is imperative for the government to prioritize outreach programs and public education campaigns to ensure that every Ghanaian is aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding the Ghana card. Additionally, measures must be put in place to safeguard the privacy and security of citizens’ personal data, thereby instilling confidence in the national identification system.

As Ghana embarks on this transformative journey towards universal identity coverage, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders – government agencies, civil society organizations, and citizens alike – to collaborate closely to realize the full potential of the “Ghana card number at birth” initiative. Through the power of technology and embracing innovation, Ghana can build a more inclusive and prosperous society where every citizen’s identity is recognized and valued from birth.

The Chronicle would use this opportunity to laud Dr Bawumia for his ability to leverage technology to help reform and improve Ghana’s institutional and regulatory processes towards the creation of a digital economy to sustain economic growth and improving the wellbeing of Ghanaians, and to the next stage of ensuring that every Ghanaian has a Ghana card to enable them to access basic social services with ease.


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