Kuami Eugene should stop taking credit for ‘No Dulling’ song                            –Keche warns

In an interview with Delay on TV3, Kuami Eugene alleged that he wrote almost all the lyrics in ‘No Dulling,’ a song he was featured by Keche.

According to Kuami Eugene, Keche’s claims that he didn’t play a significant role in the writing of the viral ‘No Dulling’ song is false.

“I did the whole chorus and hook. If anybody claims credit for it, it’s a big lie because I wrote that. They are claiming credit for it because they feel they do not have talent or are inferior. I had written the hook and everything before they contacted me,” Kuami Eugene said.

Keche, has, however, responded to Kuami Eugene’s claim for “something he did not do.” They shared a snippet of Kuamai Eugene’s speech to clarify the entire issue.

Reacting to the claim, Keche in a video post on Twitter mocked Kuami Eugene for claiming that what they added was ‘Otanbebrebeyienti wo da aa wo da?’

Keche Joshua laughed at the claims of Kuami Eugene which stated emphatically that the claims were untrue.

The Ghanaian singer was featured in the song released by the music duo in 2020. Later, a controversy was stirred over who wrote the song as Kuami Eugene was credited by many for the success of the track.

The Lynx Entertainment signed act is said to have also disclosed that he wrote the track and that did not sit well with Keche. According to the duo, nobody has ever written a song for the group since they came into the limelight.

“Andrew wrote it. Nobody has ever written a song for Keche. No Dulling is a Keche song. Kuami Eugene went and sat somewhere and said he wrote the song for us. Kuami Eugene is he a rapper?” Kecheqizzed.

However, Kuami Eugene whilst on Delay Show said he wrote the entire song and Keche came to add their part.



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