King Paluta addresses involvement in Bawumia’s campaign

Ghanaian musician King Paluta has recently addressed speculations surrounding his involvement in the political campaign of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

King Paluta clarified his role and intentions, aiming to set the record straight for his fans and the public. According to him his appearance on a bus with Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was purely coincidental and not politically motivated.

His participation sparked a mix of support and criticism, with many questioning his reasons for aligning with Dr. Bawumia’s campaign.

He explained that he accepted an invitation to meet the Vice President out of respect for Bawumia’s prominent role in the country.

“Regardless of his party affiliation, Bawumia is a significant figure and an elder in our country. Should I have ignored his invitation?” King Paluta questioned.

Addressing allegations that he received a substantial payment for his presence, King Paluta defended his actions by stating that his attendance was part of his engagements. He clarified that any compensation he received was to cover expenses such as fuel and other logistical costs associated with the event.

“My brand and services are not provided for free, given my role as an entertainer,” he emphasized.

King Paluta also urged Ghanaians not to link him with any political party based on his appearance at the campaign event. He advised his fans not to be surprised if they see him at events for other political parties in the future.



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