Kan Dapaah ‘Sacks’ GoTa Boys From Tema Port

The Ministry of National Security has put structures in place to contain any terrorist activities, as jihadist elements attempt to knock on the borders of the country.

Among the many restructuring efforts, all national security operatives at the Tema Port have been withdrawn to be reassigned to areas where their services would be required most.

A letter to that effect, dated April 27, 2022 and signed by the sector Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah with the heading, WITHDRAWAL OF PERSONNEL OF THE MINISTRY OF NATIONAL SECURITY FROM THE TEMA PORT reads: Your office is apprised of the decision of this ministry to withdraw its operatives from the Tema Harbour, effective 3rd May, 2022.

This decision is in response to calls by the Economic Management Team for a rationalisation of the number of security agencies involved in physical inspection at the port, given the ongoing operations by the Joint Port Control Unit (JPCU) and the Revenue, Assurance, Compliance and Enforcement (RACE) team.

The withdrawal also forms part of efforts by the Ministry of National Security to enhance ongoing operations towards addressing the threat of terrorism and violent extremism, in view of the surge in activities of terrorist and violent extremist groups in neighbouring countries and the ongoing expansionist activities of same to littoral West African states.

Notwithstanding the withdrawal of personnel of this Ministry from the Tema Harbour, the Ministry of National Security shall provide the needed assistance to the relevant agencies in the conduct of surgical operation at the Tema Harbour when required.

Neighbouring Republic of Togo on Wednesday tasted its first Jihadist attack leading to the killing of eight soldiers with thirteen wounded.This has come in the wake of terrorists bombardment in Burkina Faso, bordering Ghana to the north.

After being briefed on Friday May 6, 2022 by the National Security Liaison Officer at the Tema Port, who was equally axed for the same restructuring purpose, the operatives would not agree.

On Saturday, they massed up at the frontage of the residence of the National Security Coordinator in Accra, for reasons which are unknown.

Media report monitored by The Chronicle indicate that it took a deployment of military personnel to bring a developing unhealthy situation under control.

The paper also gathered that greater number of the operatives at the Tema Port have not been sanctioned by the Security Ministry.This has led to unprofessional conducts by the operatives and so their withdrawal was hailed by the business community at the Harbour.

The Executive Secretary of the Exporters and Importers Association, Mr Sampson Asaki, who accused the operatives of duplicating the jobs of the constitutionally mandated bodies and harassments welcome the decision to withdraw and reassign them to where they can perform better.


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