Kaduna Residents Demand State Police To Curb Banditry, Kidnapping

Residents of Kaduna State have called on the Federal Government to recruit, train, and empower local vigilante groups to curb banditry and kidnapping as nationwide clamour mounts for the constitution of state police.

Some of the residents of the state who spoke with our correspondent, lamented the breakdown of security in the state, adding that the only solution to the challenge was the state police.

Steve Alegbe, a Kaduna resident, said local vigilante groups needed to be considered and upgraded to constitute the state police due to their familiarity with the people and communities.

According to him, local security agencies were in the best position to protect the lives and property of the locals.

“I will say the best thing is to employ vigilante (groups) and empower them because the process is safe. The state of insecurity in Kaduna State cannot be fought with local weapons.

So, we advise the federal government to empower the local vigilantes with arms to enable them to fight. They should engage the vigilantes because they know the terrain and everyone here. The local weapons they currently carry around are not enough to fight terrorism,” he said.

For Ifeanyi Adimoha, another resident of Kaduna, the daily increase in the number of lives lost to terrorism in the state, is alarming.

Credit: channelstv.com


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