John Boadu: Ghs3bn To Bribe Delegates? Haaba!

The Campaign Communications Team of the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party has dismissed a claim that John Boadu has given the Greater Accra Regional Chairman and Regional Organiser an amount of 3 billion cedis to bribe constituency executives.

In response to the false allegation, the Campaign Communications Team in a statement said: “Our attention has been drawn to a broadcast message being sent to party delegates claiming that John Boadu has given the Greater Accra Regional Chairman and Regional Organiser an amount of 3 billion cedis to bribe constituency executives.”

This, the team described as false and another failed propaganda  from desperate opponents of the party’s chief scribe.

The statement added that: “It is ironic that the very people who claim they do not know the party delegates because no album has been provided to them, are able to craft such diabolic propaganda messages and send to them directly to the contacts of party delegates.”

They disclosed that John Boadu will not be detracted by persons whose campaigns have virtually collapsed and are looking for people to blame for their woes.

The Campaign Communications team disclosed this in a statement in response to spurious allegations to an article published on Kasapafmonline, titled “Is It Incompetence Or A Scheme To Rig Elections – John Boadu Questioned”, purportedly written by one Wilhemina Kumi.

The article, the team indicated, makes a lot of false claims and leveled spurious allegations against John Boadu, who is set to receive overwhelming endorsement from the party delegates to continue his work as General Secretary.

“First of all, the people behind this mischievous publication, clearly do not have any appreciation about the party’s internal processes, and are also deliberately refusing to read the party’s guidelines for the conduct of delegates’ conference.

Per the guidelines, all the election-related aspects of the conference are handled by the National Elections Committee, which is chaired by no less a person than Hon Peter Mac Manu, former National Chairman and Campaign Manager.

The Committee, which works closely with the Electoral Commission of Ghana, is composed of party stalwarts whose integrity cannot be doubted, they stated.

According to the team, the author alleges, without providing any modicum of proof that, John Boadu, is scheming with his cohorts to rig the upcoming delegates’ elections and that, in furtherance of that, he (John Boadu) has kept the national delegates album to his chest, not allowing other candidates, to access same.

The article further accused John Boadu of gross incompetence and levelled other unsubstantiated allegations against him.

To the team, it is an insult to suggest that the members of the elections-committee have thrown the rules and regulations for the elections to the dogs, and have allowed themselves to be remote-controlled by John Boadu, who himself is a candidate in the elections.

They reinstated that the guidelines for the conduct of the national officers elections contain copious provisions that assure and guarantee the integrity of the process, and as such all aggrieved party members and candidates are implored to seek redress through these processes, including even petitioning the Dan Botwe-led National Appeals Committee, if they are so minded.

“No redress in this process can be obtained on social media, and by spewing baseless allegations and casting aspersions at some officers. The NPP is a disciplined party. Mr. John Boadu is focused on his campaign, which is receiving overwhelming reception from party delegates across the country,” the statement ended.


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