Jennifer Lopez’s 1st husband says her marriage to Ben Affleck won’t last

Two weeks after Jennifer Lopez married her old flame Ben Affleck, the actress’ first husband, Ojani Noa, said he wishes the two of them well but has doubts they will be together “forever.”

“I wish her and Ben the best, but I’m not convinced it will last,” the Cuban actor and personal trainer, who was married to Lopez from 1997-98 told the Daily Mail in an interview published Saturday. “Jen loves being in love but she’s been engaged six times. Ben is husband number four. I was husband number one and she told me I was the love of her life. When we lay in bed on our wedding night, she said we would be together forever.”

He said he’s happy his ex has married Affleck but thinks she’s “someone who will be married seven or eight times.”

“I can’t see her ever settling down with one person,” he admitted. “She pushes herself to constantly go forward in her professional life, which is why she’s had a three-decade career, but she also moves on in her private life.”

Noa said that he often felt like “Mr. Cinderella” when he was with the “Marry Me” star.

Eventually, he said their relationship was complicated by what he referred to as the “parasites who feed off celebrities” after she became a superstar.

Lopez and Affleck were previously engaged in 2002 before they broke it off in 2004. The couple rekindled their romance last year before they decided to get married on July 17 at a drive-thru wedding chapel in Las Vegas.



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