I’ve not done too well financially as a filmmaker – Akofa Edjeani

Actress Akofa Edjeani has revealed that being a filmmaker in the local movie industry has not yielded significant financial gains.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, she explained that with no systems in place for the movie industry at the time she went into acting, she and her colleague were working to lay a foundation for a stronger industry in the future.

“We really didn’t have one. So we were doing things, sacrificing a lot to make sure that others could come and enjoy it.

“So all the new people enjoying now, they’re enjoying on the back of a sweat [put in by others]. So we laid the foundation for what is happening now…Financially, I haven’t done too well with that,” Akofa Edjeani told the host Kwame Dadzie.

Despite the lack of financial rewards, the veteran actress said she finds satisfaction in her work – knowing her work not only entertains but inspires others has been a pleasure for her.

“I take my craft seriously, so the effort that I put in and the feedback that I get, the people that are happy watching us, watching me in particular, to know that you gave somebody hope, you inspired somebody.

“Because of you, somebody changed their ways for the better, because of you, somebody got into some business, so in that sense, I’m very successful and I’m happy about it.”

However, Akofa Edjeani believes that more still needs to be done for the industry, especially in terms of pay among others “it could be a whole lot better.”



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