It’s a shame Ghana has no nomination in this year’s Africa Movie Academy Awards –Kofi Adjorlolo

Actor, Kofi Adjorlolo has expressed disappointment in Ghana for not getting a single nomination at this year’s Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Marking the 19th anniversary of the awards, a media soirée was held on Sunday at the Ibis Style Hotel at the One Airport Square in Accra.

According to Renowned Actor Kofi Adjorlolo, Ghana’s failure to secure a nomination at the continental film awards ceremony was shameful and a testament to the fallen film standards in the country.

“I’m not happy. It doesn’t make me happy. And actually, I should be ashamed. Apparently, I am not a filmmaker and I am not a producer, and this is so shameful. We have done films in this country since last year, most of the films are not up to standard. It clearly shows and this is it because if they were up to standard, AMAA will definitely nominate one or two films from Ghana,” he said.

He said the current generation of filmmakers does not have the wherewithal to produce good works for the silver screen hence their failure to secure a spot in the awards ceremony.

“Like I said, these young producers, they don’t have money to even produce quality movies. Movie making is money, they don’t have it so we don’t have any good movie and it’s true. If they’re telling us then it’s a shame,” he said.


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