Iran execution sparks anti-government protest

In a rare public display of defiance in Iran, protesters have shouted anti-government slogans outside the home of a Kurdish man who has been executed.

Crowds gathered in Heidar Ghorbani’s hometown of Kamyaran, in Kurdistan province, calling him a martyr.

Ghorbani, who was 48, was convicted of the murder of three people linked to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps.

But he had denied any connection with the killings, and human rights groups said he was a political prisoner.

Ghorbani was also found guilty of being a member of an exiled armed opposition group – the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) – that fights for greater autonomy for Iran’s Kurdish community.

He was executed at Sanandaj prison in north-western Iran on Sunday.

Human rights groups claim his conviction was based on questionable evidence gained under torture and that he had allegedly been denied a lawyer during the investigation.

In September, the United Nations urged Iran not to go ahead with the execution and to repeal his death sentence. Credit:


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