I’m the legitimate Omanhene of Twifo Hemang -Otumfoↄ Amoah Sasraku

The paramount chief of Twifu Hemang Traditional Area, Otumfuↄ Amoah Sasraku IV, says he is the legitimate Omanhene for the area and that it would be illegal for anybody to try to enstool another person in that position.

He indicated that every traditional and customary practice was dully followed before he was nominated, elected and enstooled as the Omanhen and the president of the Twifo Hemang Traditional Council.

According to Otumfoↄ Sasraku, he has subsequently been gazetted officially as tradition and custom demand and, therefore, described as false an allegation by the Abokomahene that Otumfoↄ’s enstoolment lacked legitimacy.

Otumfoↄ Amoah Sasraku made this known during a press conference held at his palace to respond to allegations by the Abakomahene of the town that he (Otumfoↄ) has been destooled.

He refuted claims by Abakomahene that the Twifo Hemang paramount stool was rotational among some gates in the royal family, saying “I am the only Omanhene of Twifu Hemang Traditional Area”.

He categorically stated without any equivocations that the stool does not rotate saying “Our stool has always been as it is because it is an old stool and not a newly invented stool”.

The Abakomahene, he said, has no authority, traditional or legal right in any capacity to install a new chief as long as he Otumfuo Amoah Sasraku remained the gazetted paramount chief for the area.

It has been alleged that a feuding faction, led by the Abakomahene, Nana Yaw Agyabeng III, was making frantic efforts to have another person enstooled as the Omanhene for the area.

This move has been viewed by many as a recipe for chaos and a possible dress rehearsal for a dangerous chieftaincy clash that could adversely affect the peace of the area, the region, and the nation at large.

In light of the possible clashes ahead and their accompanying disturbances, Otumfoↄ has appealed to the Central Regional Police Command and the Inspector General of Police to step in.

The state security, he mentioned, must view the issue with a sense of urgency and intervene for peace to prevail and prevent any possible clashes in the town, as has been witnessed elsewhere.

He also appealed to his supporters and followers to remain calm in the face of any provocations and allow due process to be used to get to the bottom of the matter to avoid any possible violent clashes.


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