I’m not in competition with anyone -KingPromise

Ghanaian highlife and Afrobeats singer-songwriter King Promise has emphasized that he is not engaged in any competition within the entertainment industry and is fully focused on his music career. He expressed his determination to consistently deliver his best in music and ensure that every song he releases thrives. During an interview with JoyPrime King Promise responded to questions about the impact of his trending song ‘Terminator’ and whether it was in competition with other artists in the industry.

He clarified that he does not view himself as being in competition with any artist in the music industry; instead, he is solely focused on how he can continually improve his craft.

He also acknowledged his fans and supporters for always pushing his music which drives him to produce more thrilling sounds.

“It’s never been like that for me, never. From when I started, I only went to the studio to make music that I love. I’m not in competition with anybody, just myself. I try to give my best 100%. Nowhere near done. But yeah, whenever I make music or release music, the goal is to surpass my previous work. So, my next song has to be even better than the last one.”

King Promise’s commitment lies in pushing the boundaries of his musical creativity rather than competing with others.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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