I’ll never compose a song for a political party again – Philipa Baafi

Gospel musician Philipa Baafi has disclosed that she will not in any way going to compose a song for any political party.

In 2008, her ‘Go High’ song was the campaign song for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) making people perceive that she specifically composed the song for them.

“I won’t accept anything to compose a song for any political party. I know my mission clearly and I will stand by it,” she said.

“I did not do that song for the NPP. It is a song that touched on victory and the party loved it so they hopped on it to use for their campaign and they paid for copyrights.

She added that no amount of money is going to influence her to compose a song for any political party because her goal is to sing for Christ.

“I don’t do songs for political parties. I sing on realities, about God and positivity and that is why my songs usually catch people’s attention.”

Philipa Baafi however clarified that she wouldn’t hesitate to sell the right to the use of any of her songs to any political party that approaches her with the deal.

“If I have a song and a particular political party wants to use it, they just pay for copyrights and go ahead with it. But for me to be paid to compose a song specifically for a political party, that won’t happen,” she concluded.


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