IFC advises gov’t to leverage on stability to create jobs

The Senior Country Manager of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Kyle Kelhofer, has said the resolving economic challenges in Ghana present a unique opportunity for government and private sector to adopt pragmatic and sustainable ideas to create jobs and sustain economic growth.

He asserts that government, has in recent months, benefited under the IMF programme which has seen overall de-risking of the investment climate as the GDP growth, exchange rate, inflation, interest rates, have all stabilized and began to improve.

This development, he emphasised, presents the private sector and government with the opportunity to play a key role in economic growth and job creation.

Kyle Kelhofer, Senior Country Manager of Benin, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Togo of the International Finance Corporation

“Leveraging this window of increased stability to take advantage of improved macro environment and where resources are constrained, where private business and private investment needs to be mobilized to create jobs,” Kyle Kelhofer said at the maiden Ghana Mutual Prosperity Dialogues in Accra on November 2, 2023.

“That’s why it’s so important for business and government to be kindly gathered here today and listening, and seeking suggestions that can all mutually make Ghana grow more prosperous and stable, sooner and better,” he added.

The GMPD aims to improve the business environment in Ghana, attract more FDI, and enhance the country’s competitiveness. By fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors, the GMPD seeks to unlock investment opportunities and promote economic growth in Ghana.

The initiative falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, being the key actor in charge of the FDI dialogue in the country with support from International Finance Corporation (IFC) providing the government with facilitation and technical assistance.


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