I won’t clean Medikal’s name tattooed on my body -Fella

Despite their separation, which turned out to be controversial, Fella Makafui is choosing to remain calm amidst the turbulence that rocked her marital home. The Ghanaian actress, who has tattooed her estranged husband’s name on her skin, has disclosed that she has no intention of removing the tattoo even though Medikal is no longer part of her life.

She shared this information while granting an interview in Kumasi, where she is set to premiere her “Resonance” movie this weekend.

While talking about her tattoos, she mentioned that she has a ‘Samuel,’ which happens to be Medikal’s name. When the host asked if she would remove it, she said, “It’s going to be there forever. I would have removed it a long time ago. I have so much respect for Medikal.”

She continued that: “We have had good, amazing moments. We’ve brought up a good product, Island (the name of their daughter). Why should I take it off?

Meanwhile, Medikal on the other hand has covered Fella Makafui’s tattoo on his skin. This change occurred shortly after the 30-year-old Ghanaian rapper announced his split from the Ghanaian actress.

Medikal, who shares a child with Fella Makafui, stated that they are now divorced and solely co-parenting.

Regarding the decision to cover the Fella tattoo on his arm, Medikal explained during a conversation on 3 Music TV that it was because he didn’t want his future partners to see it during intimate moments.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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