I was robbed the first time I used the Accra-Tema motorway – Naa Ashorkor

“Every time I use the motorway, I am scared. The first time I used the motorway in my life, I was robbed on the motorway. I was coming from Akosombo, I was with a family, I think they were an Egyptian family. And we were robbed on the motorway. So I decided I was not going to use the motorway again,” TV presenter and media personality, Naa Ashorkor revealed.

She disclosed this on TV3’s New Day show during a discussion about the state of the Accra-Tema motorway road. Naa Ashorkor stated that she was robbed together with another family hence her decision never to use the road again.

She added that she had resorted to praying when she found herself using the road again. Naa Ashorkor further expressed her concern for those who ply the road every day, calling on the government to do something concerning the matter.

“Fast forward to some time in 2014, I went back to using a motorway because I had to go to Pram Pram. And every time I hit the road, I pray. When I tell you, I say Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer the whole time. I’m not joking. It’s a scary experience, and it’s gotten worse now, I don’t know how people who come from Tema to Accra are able to do this every day. It must be very difficult.

“Clearly, the road is bad now. The tollbooths have made it even so much worse, and we’re calling on the government to do something about it now,” she said.

Naa Ashorkor’s comments join a host of other voices including rapper Sarkodie that have called on the government to commence repairs on the Accra-Tema motorway.


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