I was deported because of a change in immigration law – Loveman Allison

Loveman Allison has decided to leave no stone unturned as he has come out to reply to his baby mama and socialite Hajia4Real.

In a press statement available, he stated that he wasn’t deported from the United States for engaging in fraud or any other related offences.

According to him, he was arrested for a case in the United States and he served his sentence but after he came out, the immigration law changed.

Since the law regarding non-American citizens was against him, they had to deport him from the States and he has been staying quietly in Ghana since his arrival into the country.

He claimed that due to his private nature, people including his baby mama have been trying to spew lies against him just to make herself look good in the eyes of the public.

“I was detained and deported to Ghana in 2019 due to changes in US immigration laws affecting non-American citiziens. I came back home with pride and diligence.” he said.

Source: GhPage


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