“I want to have a baby” – Delay cries as she finally readies to have a child at age 41

41-year-old Revered Media Personality Deloris Frimpong Manso – Delay has taken to the internet to register her frustrations after years of being single despite her wealth.

The DELAY SHOW Host in a post across all her social media handles has finally admitted that she is getting old and needs something to complete her life.

She has come out crying that she wants to have a baby. And this time she meant every bit of her words.

Her post on social media has attracted massive attention as netizens have agreed to her whine to have a child asking her to get a responsible and handsome man to impregnate her asap.

Sharing her picture on social media – Facebook- Delay wrote; “I want a baby”.

This comes after Delay gave a reason why she’s still single. According to her, she’s married to her business hence she has no time to find a man yet.



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