I survived life in Germany as waitress, telephonist – Sarkodie’s wife

Mrs. Tracy Owusu Addo, the spouse of Sarkodie, has shared her journey before finding her footing. She recounted her roles as a waitress, telephonist, and secretary, as well as working at a train station in Berlin, Germany, to make ends meet.

In a viral video on Instagram highlighted Tracy’s diverse experiences, shaping her into a versatile individual.

“I’ve been a waiter, worked in customer service, as a telephonist, and as a secretary. These experiences have honed my skills, making me one of the most resourceful people you could encounter. If you need something, I can procure it. My past has equipped me with this ability,” she expressed.

Tracy also detailed her time in Germany, balancing work at a major train station with university studies.

“Starting university, I worked at Berlin’s main train station, selling magazines, travel essentials, and chargers. Students often get the least desirable shifts, but self-sufficiency left me no choice.

“Braving the cold, I’d work six to eight-hour shifts. Reflecting on the modest earnings, one wonders why endure such hardship. Yet, in those moments, survival is the sole focus,” Tracy shared.


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