I stole taxi driver’s money to pay him -Majid Michel confesses

Majid Michel has opened up on stealing from Taxi Drivers during his difficult times. The Ghanaian actor, who is now an Evangelist, engaged in the act because he was broke. He disclosed this on Angel FM show hosted by Okyeame Quophi.
Detailing the incident, Majid Michel said “I used to take taxis, the trotro taxi type, not the taxi that drops you. So when I sit in the taxi, I will take the money [from the gear area where drivers leave their coins] and then put it in my pocket”.
As for what happens after successfully stealing the money, he said “then when we reach the destination, I will pay him with his own money because I didn’t have money”.
This wouldn’t be the first time the actor has disclosed that at a point in life he was truant. Earlier this year, Majid revealed that he once engaged in drugs.
“I used to go out to drink, go and booze, we go and smoke, get into fights on the streets. So I did some drugs; we tried something to see how it goes,” he said.
Speaking about how addiction to alcohol and drugs nearly wrecked him, he advised that “friends are critical. If you are a young guy, be careful in choosing them because your friends are very critical in your life.”
Majid Michel over the past few years has been preaching the Gospel, which came as a surprise to most of his followers.
However, he notes that “I’ve always known God all my life. There was no turning point. Since I remember being aware in life, I have known God”.
The revelation, however, landed Majid in trouble with the Ghana Narcotics Control Board.
Credit: pulse.com.gh


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