I never loved my ex-wife – Patapaa

Musician, Justice Amoah, popularly known as Patapaa has disclosed that he never loved his ex-wife, Liha Miller.

Rather, she was in love with him and made him aware of her feelings for him and they settled to build a life.

He says Liha Miller tapped into his blessing to become famous hence her decision to infuriate him all the time in order to be in the news.

“My blessings are what Liha tapped into to become famous so anytime she gets the opportunity she wants to infuriate me so that I will talk back and get her in the trends. I don’t love her and I never proposed love to her,” he said.

The one-corner hitmaker said he has been silent about their marital issues even though Liha takes every opportunity to tell the world their marriage failed.

“I am silent on the issue because we signed the marriage in court and so I cannot disrespect the judges who joined us in Holy matrimony. That is why I don’t talk about it but she has disrespected our union by going naked and being seen with other men. If I was the one who was engaged in that she would have even arrested me,” he said on Accra-based Angel Television.

It will be remembered that Liha Miller in an interview disclosed that she had ended the marriage between her and Patapaa.

She indicated that the marriage did not last past few months after their wedding and that she is working with the family of Patapaa to quash the marriage.


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