I nearly went mad smoking in Fela Kuti’ house –Pat Thomas

Renowned highlife Artiste, Pat Thomas has recounted his first time smoking weed was in Nigerian superstar, Fela Kuti’s house in Nigeria.

Being his first time, Pat Thomas disclosed that he felt unusually dizzy and disoriented after smoking the herb. This was in the company of his friend who was also managing him, Sunny.

Speaking in an interview on 3FM, Pat Thomas said his manager then had the connection to Fela Kuti so he was the bridge between them.

“I remember I went to Fela’s house in Nigeria. Myself and a friend who was managing me, his name is Sunny, a very good friend of Fela and it happened that he took me to Nigeria.

“We went to Fela’s club, so the next day he took me to the house and it is this weed that I am talking about, you know Fela had this thing they called Fela Goro. So as Fela saw me, he took one and gave me one,” Pat Thomas recounted.

He continued, “My manager told me, charlie try some. Charlie me this thing I fear but I want to show guy guy to Fela that me too I dey smoke.

“So the moment I smoked, what happened to me I wish you were there. I was feeling dizzy, but he (Fela) was just smoking, I nearly went mad,” he added.


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