I make more money from wedding gigs than big concerts – Akwaboah

Highlife Artiste Akwaboah has revealed that he makes more money from performances at wedding than big concerts.

“I perform more at weddings than other big concerts. Sometimes, I am able to perform for more than 3 weddings in a day and you perform maximum 4 songs and get paid twice the amount of other musical concerts.”

“For instance, when I get the multiple bookings for weddings, I ask to be sure of the time of performance and schedule them accordingly; I will perform for this person at 2pm and another at 4pm and they are paying good money for 3 or 4 songs” Akwaboah revealed.

“Music business is more spiritual so once you pay more attention to it and focus on it, it will go well for you so for me, I am not moved by the big concerts across the world, I am doing my best in my area of expertise,” Akwaboahadded in an interview with Sammy Flex on CTV.

Touching on the Nigeria-Ghana comparisons, Akwaboah said; “how can you compare Nigeria with over 250 million population to Ghana? Lagos State alone is bigger in population than Ghana. So, it was more of how I will be relevant in years to come and not filling spaces. That is more important to me than those discussions of filling here or there.”


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