“I like recording in the dark” -Gyakie

Nicknamed ‘Singing bird,’Gyakie has revealed what goes into her creative process, mentioning that working in the dark and crafting narratives inspired by personal experiences or imaginative scenarios is her kick.

“I like recording in the dark,” Gyakie confessed, emphasizing her preference for an ambiance that fosters introspection and creative flow. “When I’m working with my favorite producers, it’s always a plus for me. I listen to the beats and try to imagine what story line would work with them,” she said during an interview with Helen Appiah-Ampofo on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on April 12.

She explained that she draws inspiration from her own life experiences when crafting songs. “If I’m in a particular situation at the moment of recording, it makes it easier because I’m able to actually talk about what I’m experiencing,” she said. “But if I’m not, sometimes I create a story in my mind and then I write that story into the song.”

Gyakie expressed appreciation for the collaborative aspect of music production, highlighting the importance of a strong working relationship with her producers. “All my producers that I’m comfortable working with are people that I’m able to have a working relationship with,” she explained. “I like producers that are able to explore, bring crazy ideas and sounds.”

Looking ahead, Gyakie teased her fans about exciting projects in the pipeline. “This year everything is going to come back,” she declared. “The album is coming, a couple more singles will even come before the album, vibe with me with Gyakie will also come on this year, so this year be ready to be sick of me,” she asserted.

Reflecting on the Ghanaian music industry’s recent successes, Gyakie expressed optimism for its future. “2023 and 2024 have been very good years for the Ghanaian industry,” she stated. “There’s already been like, I can count maybe 5 or 6 songs that are really buzzing. So, I think this year is looking really, really, really good and I’m so proud of where we are headed,” she said.

With her unique creative approach and promising projects on the horizon, Gyakie continues to solidify her position as one of Ghana’s most exciting musical talents. Fans eagerly await the release of her upcoming album and singles, anticipating more of the captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics that have become her signature.


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