I have time limits on my phone for social media –Black Sherif

Reigning Artiste of the year, Black Sherif has revealed how he keeps the internet critiques from affecting him.

As a guest on UTV’s United Showbiz, Blacko as he is nicknamed mentioned that, “what you read online maybe someone’s way of having fun but it can get to you and affect you which in the long run becomes your reality.”

“To me, there is time limit on my phone for social media. For instance, I don’t go on Instagram after 9pm,” showing the timer on his phone that limits his social media visits to MzGee.

According to him, those who rant on social media are unable to tell the people they talk about to their face when they meet them in real life. “This even makes me not pay attention to social media.

Someone might post something about someone and from the engagements on the post, take it to a company who is looking for influencers to advertise them and tell them that, look at this, whenever I post, I get these engagements. I cannot allow someone to make money off me,” the ‘Kwaku the traveller’ hitmaker posited.

The only social media Black Sherif frequently visits is Whats App; even that, he only turns on his data and call his parents who are in Greece to check up on them.

“I turn on my data and call my mum and dad to check up on them. When they tell me that they are okay, I just turn off the data and go to the studio with Joker to make music.”

Black Sherif revealed that, fans are to expect a project from him in June. According to him, they are collection of songs but he is not ready to call it an album, but a project.


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