I had to let a relationship go because of comedy –Jacinta

Comedian Jacinta has opened up on one of her relationship experiences.

Jacinta who appeared on Joy FM’s entertainment analysis programme, Showbiz A-Z said a man she once dated did not like her comedy career, so she had to end the relationship.

“I pray to God everyday to give me somebody who will understand that this is my job. I am not saying I am not willing to make sacrifices but at least if I understand you, you too you need to understand me.

I’ve been in a situation where I’ve had to let a relationship go because he told me ‘this your comedy’, I don’t want to say the rest of the things he said. I just said ‘okay’ and that was it,” she said.

Creatives, especially women face a lot of challenges in their relationships. In most cases, some women in showbiz have had to give up on their creative jobs to kowtow to the demands of their spouses. Others ditch showbiz to cater for their families.

When asked if Jacinta would mind adding her future husband’s surname to her name and use that as her stage name, she responded that it was not necessary.

“Why should that even be a problem? I know it happens but what at all…okay, you I will update my Instagram profile,” she quipped.

Some divorced female creatives have advised that women stay away from using their husbands’ names as their stages names. They say the difficulty of re-branding in the unlikely event of divorce is usually dire.

Some women in showbiz also face pay gap, sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in the industry.

Credit: myjoyonline.com


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