I don’t have nipples again; Stephanie Benson opens up on breast cancer

Stephanie Benson is a breast cancer survivor and she is opening up about her battle in this year’s pink October awareness.

The Ghanaian singer has disclosed that her fight against breast cancer has left her with scars. According to her, due to the severity of her case, she has lost her nipples, but she is happy to be alive.

Stephanie Benson, a mother of five children, disclosed this in an empowering video she has shared on social media.

Women, we are the most complicated human beings on this earth. We always want what somebody else has that we don’t have. When we look in the mirror all we see is our imperfections, we never truly look at ourselves as we are unique,” she said.

She continued that “everybody has scars inside and out. I have many scars, I have scars from having children on my stomach“. Talking about her scars, Stephanie added that she also has scars from hormonal injections so that she can function like everybody else.

Showing off her scars including one from a motorbike accident, she added that “ I have a scar right here and another here from a double mastectomy. Again from trying to survive cancer, I will show you my nipples but I don’t have any“.

Captioning the video below, the singer wrote “scars we all wish to hide. The effects of the outer scars can still be felt within us. None of us are perfect. Live your Truth”. The post has since attracted encouraging comments from her fans and friends on social media.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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