I always cry when I perform ‘Thy Grace 1’ song

Nicknamed ‘Philosopher,’ Kofi Kinaata has made a shocking revelation about one of his songs, ‘Thy Grace 1.’

According to the multiple award-winning Artiste who is known for his songwriting prowess, he cannot perform the part one of his ‘Thy Grace’ song without shedding tears.

“Many people ask me which of my songs is my favorite. I personally have one that tells my story, ‘Thy Grace’ part 1. Anytime I perform the song I shed tears” he said.

“I remember during one of my performances, I was in high spirit to perform. I had performed other songs and when it got to ‘Thy Grace’ part 1, I started crying. I was really crying to the extent that the performance had to be truncated” Kofi Kinaata recalled during a Twitter Space chat with Kalyjay.

“It’s a song that tells my story because if you know where we have come from, to get here, is only by grace. Even when we give you our house address, you won’t locate it on the map. And because it’s a slow tempo song, it makes me moody” the ‘Susuka’ crooner added.

He further mentioned that; “my sound engineer has done his best to make me perform ‘Thy Grace’ part 1 but it hasn’t worked. For the part 2, because it’s a fast tempo, it’s not like the part 1 that is slow tempo which gets me emotional.”

‘Thy Grace 1’ is a single of Kofi Kinaata which details how far he has come in life; with how life could have gone south, not for the grace of God.

Kofi Kinaata is currently promoting his new song, ‘Effiakuma love,’ a reggae love song.


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