Hyena shocks Kenyan after sneaking into his Nakuru shop

A businessman in Kenya’s Rift Valley city of Nakuru was “shocked” when he turned up for work early on Wednesday to find a “strange animal” in his small shop.

Fredrick Omungu did not know what it was at first, but said he was scared.

“It clearly wasn’t a dog – I thought it was a leopard or something else,” he told the BBC.

Some neighbours came and identified the animal as a hyena, which under certain conditions can attack humans.

“I was shocked and stayed far away. I’ve heard hyenas are dangerous and can kill people,” Mr Omungu said.

In less than 30 minutes, dozens of residents had gathered around his stall to see the stranded animal hiding under the makeshift counter.

It is unclear how the animal ended up in his stall in a populated area.

Mr Omungu, who sells the leafy stimulant khat, which is known locally as miraa, as well as soft drinks, sweets and groundnuts, said he had closed his business at around 20:00 local time (17:00GMT) the previous night and had arrived at around 07:00 the following morning.

The area is not far from the Lake Nakuru National Park, where the hyena is suspected to have strayed from at night.

Credit: bbc.com


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