Health benefits of Medicinal plant – Milk Bush

There are many plants around us, which are full of thorns. Do you know, such thorny plants would lighten your health! Yes, today we will be talking about a plant, which is recognised as the lucky plant for homes. It is called Milk bush or Sehund.

We generally use it as ornamental plant, and to ward off evil eye. We don’t know, but this very plant can do miracles for your health. Now, let us talk about this plant in detail.

Appearance of the plant:

It is a small, muscular plant which grows 6-20 ft tall. The stem and branches are thorny, with joints, round and with distinct five segments.

The thorns are small, occur in pairs near the leaves on thin vertical raised lines. The leaves are 6-12 inch long, muscular, oblong and are aggregated as a group at the tip of the stem.

The plant bears green flowers which are upward facing.

Where are these plants found?

The plant of Milk bush is planted around gardens demarketing boundaries. It is a very popular herb found all over India in dry lands.

Spiritual significance:

You will see many people hanging its branches at homes, or planting the herb in small pots. It is believed that this plant ward-off evil eyes and negativity from the place.

Scientific name– Euphorbia neriifolia

Properties of Milk bush:

It is purgative, strong and promotes digestion.

The nature of milk bush is hot, sour and heavy.

It is anti-toxic in nature and treats several disorders.

benefits of Milk bush plant:

Treatment for Eye pain

Mix the ash of sweet oil in its juice and let it dry.

Use the dried powder as eyeliner.

It cures eye pain.

Good for Psoriasis

Mix the juice of sehund with equal amount of mustard oil.

Cook it and apply on the skin.

It is very effective in different types of skin problems, especially the psoriasis.

Clears and melts moles

Apply its milk on the moles and boils which develop as hard eruptions on the skin.

It melts the moles and clears the skin.

Treats Ulcers

Grind its leaves, Indian beech and jasmine in cow’s urine.

Make a paste and apply this on boils and ulcers.

Aids in Intestinal worms

Grind its root with asafoetida to form a paste.

Apply this on the stomach.

It kills the intestinal worms in children.

Cures Toothache

Dip a piece of cotton in its milk and then burn it.

Place this burnt cotton in the mouth on the paining tooth.

It cures the toothache.

Aids in muscle swelling

Apply its milk on the affected area, where swelling is noticed.

It dissolves the swelling and stiffness.

Treatment for Ear pain

    Heat its juice and put 2 drops in paining ear.

It cures the pain effectively.

Eases Tooth extraction

Apply its milk on the loose tooth.

The tooth immediately gets loosened and can be easily extracted.

Be careful that the milk doesn’t spill on any other tooth.

Good for cough

Heat its 2 leaves on fire and then crush them.

Extract the juice of it.

Mix a little amount of salt to this juice and give this to the patient.

It treats cough effectively.

In this way we saw the numerous health benefits of sehund plant. This is really an effective and medicinal plant.

If you also are annoyed of any of the disease listed above, then must give this herb a try. Share your experience with us and share the post in all social medias. Take care and live well!



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