Governance is serious business, not gossip  –Ortom warns APC

The statement in the media, credited to the Communications Team of the disputed governorship candidate and suspended priest, Hyacinth Alia of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue State is puerile, unfounded and beer parlour conjectures.

The author showed how desperate the APC is willing to market all sorts of barefaced lies to gain unhindered access to the state treasury.

First, it is baffling that the campaign team of the suspended priest chose to deploy blackmail and falsehood as an art and weapon to ride to power in 2023.

We find this absurd and should be completely out of tune with the character of one who wishes to be trusted with state power.

Hyacinth Alia who has failed in the church and wants to take cover in the political space, now bandy humongous figures of money alleged to have been received and spent by the administration of Governor Samuel Ortom. This is cheap and it shows the level of desperation in that camp.

While we admit that every Benue indigene deserves to know how monies that accrues to the State coffers are spent, this must be done with decency, accuracy and without malice or falsehood.

However, we see the tendencies exhibited by the APC in the state as the height of desperation and callous mischief.

The deceit with which the impostor is lying and claiming a mandate he did not win is an indication that such a person should not be trusted with power. A desperate ambition is capable of being used negatively.

For the avoidance of doubt, we state boldly that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is not threatened by any political party in Benue State, including the APC that has continued to disintegrate every passing day.

Moreover, the dust over who is the authentic gubernatorial flag bearer of the APC in the state is a matter of uncountable and unending adjudication by the law courts.



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