Goil Caught Cheating Consumers

The Ghana Oil (Goil) Company Limited’s branch near Eusbett Hotel, in Suyani, Bono Region, together with two others, Frimps Oil at Penkwase and Engen, has been locked up by the regulator, the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

According to a statement from the NPA, the three filling stations were closed for dispensing fuel in less than the quantity the consumer pays for.

Giving specific details, the NPA said that in the case of Frimps, all the seven dispensing units functioning at the time of the visit were under delivering

The regulator said that Goil and Engen filling stations had two and four of their nozzles under delivering respectfully.

However, the NPA team observed that some of the nozzles at these filling stations were dispensing the petroleum products less than what the consumer had paid for.

The random exercise was undertaken after the team, led by Kwadwo Odarno Appiah and Eunice Budu Nyarko, Bono Regional Manager and Consumer Services Manager respectively, sensitised commercial drivers and traders at the Nana Bosoma market, popularly known as the Wednesday market, in the Sunyani municipal area of the Bono Region.

The Bono Regional Manager emphasised that the authority will continuously monitor the operations of fuel stations to ensure consumers have value for money and products sold are of good quality.

He said the defaulting fuel stations are going to be sanctioned, adding that the Authority will require a report on investigations carried out by the stations as to what caused the anomalies in the nozzles.

He further cautioned fuel stations, after seizing two ramps, to desist from the practise of using ramps and shaking vehicles during filling.

He went on to say that it is an unsafe practise that can result in unwarranted sparks and fire, and that the “NPA will not hesitate to lock down temporarily all stations caught using ramps.”


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