Go away, you have no case!

After succeeding in getting the apex court to interpret articles 102 and 104 of the 1992 constitution, Justice Abdulai has, this time round, failed abysmally to convince the nine Lord Justices as to why they should take a second look at their previous decision on the voting right of Deputy Speakers of Parliament while presiding.

Justice Abdulai, who is a private legal practitioner and law lecturer and predicated his chances to win the review as being slim, was shown the exit by a the nine-panel members, presided over by Justice Jones Dotse.

The Apex Court, in a unanimous decision, ruled yesterday that the review application that he filed lacked merit, hence, dismissed it.

Justice Jones Dotse, dismissing the review application, explained that it failed to meet the threshold required for a review case to succeed.

The review panel inquired from the plaintiff why he had granted several radio interviews on a matter that he had filed before the court, and even described himself as a radio lawyer.

The Justices said the applicant was a lawyer and law lecturer, therefore, must ensure that he lived by the tenets of the ethics guiding lawyers, as well as practice what he “preaches” to his students.

Justice Abdulai, after the 9-0 verdict told journalists that he had accepted the decision of the court, and was clear in his mind that posterity would judge him handsomely, saying, “I think that we have to move on as a nation. What I didn’t want was a situation where posterity will question us as to why we did not take this small window [of] opportunity that was available to us to attempt a review for a possible review of the decision of the Supreme Court of the 9th of March.

“So, once we decide this way, posterity will judge us all in a positive light. We did everything that we ought to have done to get the sort of judgment that we needed. This is what the Supreme Court says, and we all have to abide by that and live together as one nation, going forward.”

The other members of the panel were Nene Amegatcher, Prof Ashie Kotey, Lovelace Johnson, Mariama Owusu, Clemence Honyenuga, Gertrude Torkonoo, Prof. Mensah Bonsu and Emmanuel Kulendi.


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