Ghanaians sad as Vivian Jill speaks for the first time after viral wedding photos and videos

In a turn of events that has caught the attention of many Ghanaians, actress Vivian Jill Lawrence has addressed the viral photos and videos of her supposed traditional wedding.

The images, which showed Vivian and a man named Don Kingsley Yamoah adorned in elegant Kente attire, quickly went viral days ago leading many to believe the beloved actress had tied the knot.

The speculation reached a peak as fans and followers flooded the comments sections with congratulatory messages for what they believed was Vivian Jill’s new marriage.

However, just days after the rumours started, Vivian Jill has released a clarifying video on her social media platforms to set the record straight.

In the video, Vivian explained that the viral photos and videos were not from a real wedding but were scenes from her YouTube series titled ‘Yaa Basabasa’.

She expressed surprise at how quickly the content spread and the assumptions that followed.

Vivian used this opportunity to appeal to her fans and followers to watch the series on her official YouTube channel.

She emphasized that generating views and support for the series would help her raise funds for her foundation, which is dedicated to aiding the poor and needy.

“Please, I urge everyone to watch the series on my YouTube page. Your support will help me continue my philanthropic work,” Vivian stated in her plea to fans.



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